About Us

My name is Ayako Utsumi. I run a company called Marea Qol. I work with interior designers and home decor businesses, to provide them with exclusive, high end, hand crafted, textile products that give them great profit margins and delight their customers on a daily basis. Marea Qol (pronounced “Mah rhea kol” and formerly named Diodba), is a purveyor of fine, hand-loomed, custom designed Uzbek silk velvet ikat, silk ikat and silk suzani home décor textiles. “Mare” in Japanese means “rare” or “uncommon”. “Q’ol” in Uzbek means “hand-crafted”. So, to pay tribute to my Japanese heritage and Uzbek traditional weaving methods Marea Qol was born as a producer of fine, rare, artisanal textiles loomed in small production runs. We deliver exclusive, high quality artisanal throw pillows and home décor for the discriminating client.